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Rich Blak Women Podcast

Conversations on Rich Blak Women follow stories from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women – rich in culture, value & mindset – that aim to deepen awareness about the unique economic inequities’ First Nations women face, explore success and connection to culture, empower financial wellbeing through shared experiences and learnings, and build community and allies.

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Season 1


Episode 1 – Leah Bennett

Taking accountability and protecting your finances


Episode 2 – Mikaela French

Strong networks and Blak women in law


Episode 3 – Dorothy Smith

Women’s healing and intergenerational change


Episode 4 – Allira Davis

Blak voices, the power of youth, and financial freedom


Episode 5 – Tanya Denning-Orman

Blak representation and storytelling


Episode 6 – Allira Potter

Knowing your worth and honouring your boundaries


Episode 7 – Dixie Crawford

Taking up space and what you need to know when starting a business

Season 2


Episode 8 – Guyala Bayles

Tapping into abundance and speaking your truth


Episode 9 – Gill Mailman

Building an empire and having an exit plan


Episode 10 – Senator Dorinda Cox

Social justice and investing in First Nations women


Episode 11 – Marcella Ketchell

Advocating for financial inclusion in the Torres Strait


Episode 12 – Shantelle Thompson OAM

Overcoming lateral violence and aligning profit with purpose


Episode 13 – Nornie Bero

Staying grounded and showcasing culture to the world


Episode 14 – Emily Wurramara

Making time for patience and holding community


Episode 15 – Celeste Carnegie

Blak women taking up space in STEM

larisha jerome headshot

Host, Larisha Jerome, is a proud Jarowair, Wakka Wakka & Wulli Wulli woman who grew up on Darug Country in Western Sydney and has an extensive background in banking, women’s health, government, and community services. She leads the Foundation’s Women’s Financial Wellness work addressing the economic injustice First Nations people face and empowering women to achieve full financial wellness and independence. 

Our podcast is for education and entertainment purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for professional financial, tax or legal advice. Any advice is general financial advice only which does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of that, you should consider if the advice is appropriate to you and your needs, before acting on the information.

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