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Five ways I stay on track while studying


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If you’re studying at uni or TAFE, it can be difficult to stay motivated as the year drags on. Here, Alicia shares her tips for what she does to keep on top of things. 

1. Planning

Planning is so important to stay on top of your studies. I like to do this in a few ways. At the start of each semester, I will look at when all my assessments are due and what percentages they are. Once I have that information, I will put all the dates in my calendar and create a separate list with all those dates in chronological order just so I know exactly when everything is.

I also like to create a study timetable to put down when my classes are, when I might be able to fit in readings and time when I can focus on my assessments. This really helps to set up a successful semester and ensures that I won’t forget any of those important dates. I also have a weekly planner where every week I will write down what I plan to do on each day that week!

2. Take care of your body

My second top tip is to rest, rest, rest. Your mind will not be able to function if you don’t fuel it with the right things! I always find that when I have exercised, had plenty of sleep and a lot of water, my mind is functioning a lot better than if I didn’t.

I make sure that each week I take at least one full day off study/work and do something that I really enjoy whether that be spending time with friends, going to a café, going to the beach and I find that when I get back to studying, I am focused on the task and feel rejuvenated.

It is important to instil great habits with your mind and body while at the start of your studies, so that you don’t get burnt out nearing the end!

3. Have a ‘study spot’

Having a dedicated study spot is really useful to help you stay focused. I like to work at my desk but sometimes if I am not feeling motivated to study at all, I find that changing locations to studying at a café or outside in the garden helps me regain my focus.

4. Make weekly summaries

Something that tends to save me heaps of time when it comes to exams is doing weekly summaries of the content that has been learnt that week. At the end of every week (if I have the time) I will try and do a quick summary of key concepts, definitions, cases or anything relevant, and then when the next week comes, I’ll do the same thing, as well as, going over the last week’s summary. This saves so much time when it comes to exams because it means that I really do just have to revise and not cram!

5. Remember why you’re studying

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep studying especially if you have a lot of assignments coming up, work, balancing a social and managing other commitments – it can become really overwhelming.

If I am struggling with motivation to study, I like to look up people who inspire me and I try to reflect on the reason why I am studying.

I don’t need to get the best marks or be studying all the time but if I can remember the reason why I am studying it really helps motivate me to continue!

Let us know if you liked this article

Let us know if you liked this article

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