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Protecting your rights as an artist


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It’s no secret Indigenous artists produce some of the best works in the world.

Unfortunately, some people take advantage of artists’ talents and pressure them into deals that aren’t in their best interests. This can include not giving them enough money, making them sign away their ownership rights and telling them to produce a lot of art quickly.

How to avoid a bad deal

The ACCC shared these tips for artists:

  • Get independent advice before signing up to a deal to have your artwork sold or supplied.
  • Ask for a written agreement and time to think about it before agreeing to anything.
  • Check the prices through other art dealers and galleries to see if you’re being offered a fair deal.
  • Don’t accept non-cash gifts, such as food or voucher, instead of proper payment.

The short below video from the ACCC shows how these situations can play out.

Remember, if you’re worried someone’s trying to sell you a bad deal, you can report it to the ACCC on 1300 303 143.

Source: ACCC © Commonwealth of Australia.

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Let us know if you liked this article

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