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Relationship talk: What to think about before you use joint names


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Let’s talk about joint names! From rental leases to joint loans, there’s a few things to consider before putting your name alongside someone else’s for a legally binding financial commitment.

Co-tenancies are when two or more people are named as tenants on a tenancy agreement. This means that both co-tenants are jointly liable for all the rent and bond for a rental property.

It also means that before leaving a share home, both tenants are liable to pay their share of any costs for the home including cleaning, damage or any unpaid rent owning on the property.

If the tenancy agreement is breached, you are both financially liable and responsible for the full cost of compensation.


Whilst we never plan for a relationship breakdown, it’s important that we recognise the impacts of joint loans in case of separation.

Let us know if you liked this article

Let us know if you liked this article

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