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Deadly options: The side hustle


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I imagine that most people reading this article have heard the term “side hustle”. The words themselves have become synonymous with the idea of work for young people these days. But why is this? What has changed and how can we, as young mob, adapt to these changes?  

While the dream of a steady career hasn’t completely gone out the window, increasingly young people are encouraged – almost expected – to have a side hustle these days. This wasn’t always the case, as we are often told by our elders. There was a time when the idea of one job and a solid trajectory was the ideal for most. Days where a person would hold onto one career and save their hobbies for the weekend.  

However, changes in the way people live, the hours they work and the requisites to gain employment have altered a lot since this time. It’s meant that people aren’t entering into careers as early as they previously did, and the kinds of work young people can get is often less consistent.   

Why I love my side hustles 

For me, the side hustle is a beautiful thing that fits all the gaps, and a terrific answer to some of these challenges. Whether you’re not getting enough work, you’re between jobs or you simply feel the drive to earn a little extra, the side hustle is a great way to have financial security and confidence.  

I’ve been in all of these various positions many times, and expect to be again. But one of the things that has helped keep my head above water when things get a little stressful is having a way to earn some extra income on the side. 

In essence, it’s a way to use your skills or your passions to make some money on the side of your job. For me, I found writing and painting (things I already loved) could help me a great deal financially, while also developing these skills further. 

You may have skills in areas like the arts or in writing, but you may also have a gift for sports, helping people or even running cultural events. All of these things can be excellent income streams to supplement your main gig. These side hustles can also at times turn into your main focus, this is something that a lot of people find, because before you know it, your resume is looking great and you have the practical experience to take on more challenging tasks.  

The flexibility of the side hustle means that you can take it completely at your own pace and tailor it to what you already love to do, or something you know that you can do well. It is a deadly option for any mob looking to explore their passions further and set themselves up financially. 

Let us know if you liked this article

Let us know if you liked this article

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